Bernd Blume: entrepreneur, author, enthusiast programmer.
This website gives a quick overview of who he is.

Learn. Give. Grow.

»No matter what happens, I never stop: (1) to learn because we all strive to understand our world, (2) to give and to contribute as much as I can to make the world a better place and (3) to grow and become a better person every day. That's why I adopted "learn, give, grow" as my personal motto.« -- Bernd Blume

Bernd is founder and CEO of antsle, a company offering private cloud solutions. Bernd never lost contact with his childhood passion, programming, which he sees as a discipline of art.

To learn about the steps he has taken in his professional career, please read his bio below (just scroll down).

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Since 2007, Bernd is learning to play the piano. He has taken lessons in Bochum and Frankfurt and his focus is mainly on classical music.

Learning languages is another passion. Bernd learns Mandarin Chinese since 2010 and is enjoying it much. Besides German, his mother-tongue, and English, he speaks Dutch fluently. He learned it when he was 14 because he was interested in his neighboring country. Bernd has a good working knowledge in Italian and Indonesian.

Bernd loves travelling, his recent favorite destinations being California, Egypt (his mother lives there), Switzerland and Morocco.

Sailing is something he loves to do, but it got lost somehow during the past years. Maybe he will be able to reactivate it soon.

What else

Bernd likes personal development. He reads about it from a variety of authors to make sure he gets the complete picture. Bernd also has a few mentors. He is passionate about developing his own personality.

Bernd has initiated a mutual mentor group with three fellow entrepreneurs. They meet on a regular basis via conference calls and discuss issues of personal development and entrepreneurship.

Bernd is a non-religious but spiritual person. He is attracted to Zen Buddhism and has joined a Frankfurt Zen group.

Bernd has two wonderful daughters, born in 1995 and 1997. He currently lives with his wife in San Diego, California.

Bernd's bio

Bernd is an enthusiast programmer since age 13. Even though he discovered his second passion, entrepreneurship, quite soon, he never lost his connection with software development. With a smile, he still remembers the year 1979, when he bought a computer kit using the then top-edge microprocessor 6809. That processor far outperformed the 6502 that was being used by the alternatives at that time, the Apple II and Commodore PET. Being a middle school student, he couldn't afford to buy an assembler. So he coded his own assembler during the spring break, not needing it anymore after he finished because he then had all the OPcodes in his head! Bernd has always viewed programming as an extremely creative activity. He always valued the arts-related aspects as much as the technology itself. It's not by chance that the computer kit he bought in 1979 had bitmapped graphics, which even the Apple II did not have at that time. But he did not only view the graphical output of the computer as art, but also the code itself. Bernd knew that software is a total work of art.

In parallel to his university studies, he worked as a programmer in many exciting projects, even taking team leader roles and managing much older coworkers while still studying. After receiving his bachelor's degree in Dortmund and his master's degree in Bonn (both in computer science), he started a management career at IBM in Germany. After seven years, he joined, a German telecom startup, to become VP of application development. There, he soon managed an organization of 200 employees and was in charge of a three-digit million dollar budget.

In 1999 he started Xionet, a software company for the telecoms industry, and successfully raised three million euros in venture capital just six months after starting the company. He managed the growth of Xionet for ten years, building an amazing track record of selling and successfully delivering on IT projects for dozens of large and exciting clients, many of them Forune 500 companies. After the insolvency of Xionet in 2009, he started his new company bloomYa and acquired the assets of Xionet, absorbing Xionet's know-how. Bernd is the creator of e-Telco Suite, a set of software products to enable customer self-care in the telecoms industry. He has successfully started and managed a development facility in Voronezh, Russia, to develop e-Telco Suite. During his Xionet time, Bernd has occasionally consulted Fortune 500 companies and has managed large-scale, international, strategic projects for them.

Today, he is running antsle, a company offering private cloud solutions.